Climate Crisis: Implementing Solutions

EE1701/EE1703 meet the Physical Sciences Core and LE Theme of Technology and Society.
EE1701 by itself meets only LE theme of Technology and Society.

EE 1701 Promo

  • man standing in a flooded city
  • sandbags holding back water in a flooded town
  • dirty smoke stacks against a cloudy sky
  • A man standing between a lush field and a barren landscape
  • Wind turbines against a sunrise
  • a woman uses a charging station to charge her electric car

Climate change/global warming is the gravest threat facing humanity.  Scientists are sounding alarm bells that unless the problem of greenhouse gases is addressed, a point of no-return will be reached soon, resulting in migrations and global conflicts like the world has never seen before. According to the scientists at NASA, just a few more years of carbon dioxide emissions at current levels, resulting from our use of fossil fuels, will cause a runaway climate change that will be unstoppable, and the results will be catastrophic. We already have the means to combat this threat by with technology and resources today - solar and wind power are abundant, technologically mature and economically viable.

This course takes a holistic view, discussing energy generation technology - from renewable and non-renewable sources, energy efficiency, energy conservation, energy, environmental impacts and socio-economic implications in all spheres of human activity. This course will underscore our role as a historical agent - we will all be judged by history if we understood the urgency and did not have the moral fortitude to act based on opportunities made possible by technologies at hand. The mission of this course is to make students go beyond the awareness of climate change; rather, it is to make them an advocate/champion and doers to utilize the latest technology to harness energy from renewables and for conservation.

This gateway course is designed to help students discover their own passion for further studies and take their enthusiasm into their future careers as entrepreneurs, technical and policy experts, educators and community activists.

Course Information

EE1701: 3 Credits Online ONLY
(Online ONLY for Fall 2019)
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EE1703: 1 Credit Companion Lab
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EE1701 satisfies LE theme of Technology and Society

EE1701+EE1703 together satisfy Physical Sciences Core

EE1701 is available through the PSEO Program
EE1703 is available through PSEO and College-in-Schools (CIS) Programs